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What is ProMotie?

Daily motivational texts delivered right when you need it

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Delivered right to your phone everyday Monday - Friday.

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Motie wants to be apart of the driving force that pushes you towards your dreams and goals. Motie sends you daily motivational messages to help you stay focused and motivated.

Why Motie?

Inspirational nuggets to help you succeed in all aspects of life

Each day contains its own struggles that we have to push through and make progress towards our goals. Motie exists to be a nudge in the right direction. Something to help you reset your mind and keep pushing towards your goals.

Who is Motie for?

Motie is for anyone looking to make a positive impact on their day

Whether your a coach looking to spur on your athletes, a student grinding through four classes each semester, or a student athlete trying to make a push towards college athletics, Motie is exactly what you need to take your preparation to the next level.

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